About Us

Photo of Carolyn FlemisterGrand Diamond Seasoning was founded and created in the kitchen of owner, Carolyn Flemister, a typical busy woman who wanted to add more flavor to her home cooked meals. Carolyn frequently entertained and would receive compliments from friends and family on how good the food tasted. She had an idea and began packaging samples of her “secret” spices and gave them away for others to try. Word got out about Grand Diamond’s flavorful flare and here we are! The delicious spices and herbs in the seasoning saves time in the kitchen for busy cooks without sacrificing taste. Grand Diamond All-Purpose Seasoning adds a unique flavor to beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and seafood, including salads, casseroles, practically any dish you prepare. Instead of using multiple spices for one dish, Grand Diamond Seasoning combines many of your favorite spices into one, yet creates a unique and mouth-watering taste to any dish.

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